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a Star Wars remake

giovedì, aprile 20th, 2017

by Jim and John Jongsma


vibrant trooper

domenica, luglio 17th, 2016

the art I made for the Star Wars’ ART AWAKENS 2015 initiative promoted by LucasFilm and HP


Corrado Farina: 11 luglio 2016

mercoledì, luglio 13th, 2016

Corrado Farina

Corrado Farina

if Bond was StarWars…

martedì, maggio 10th, 2016

007 StarWars from SimoneGallina™ on Vimeo.


venerdì, maggio 7th, 2010
  this video was made just to remember all us we are ALL ONE!

SwadesThe funniest videos clips are here


venerdì, maggio 16th, 2008

Hot Cylon Action in Never-Before-Seen Photos from BSG Set

Mojo, who does effects work on bots vs. human show Battlestar Galactica,
has just posted a gorgeous set of photographs that designers used to
create the look of the all-metal Centurion cylons for the new show.
Here you can see a cool "smackdown" picture of an old-school cylon
(featured in Razor flashbacks) going head-to-head with a
new-school one. What’s interesting to me, looking at these real-life
models for creatures who are pure CGI in the show, is how much they’re
intended resemble Roman soldiers. They even have butt-covering chain

Designed by Pierre Drolet, this cylon model looks pretty badass. (Omigod I am so funny with the ass joke.)

Mojo explains:

From the back, we see that the large power cell/backpack
has been faithfully reproduced. Perhaps the biggest surprise was,
against all odds (and the office betting pool), Pierre actually managed
to keep a hint of the original skirt! Now, instead of it being an
actual, fabric skirt designed to hide deficiencies in the costume, we
have a piece of flexible armor, further protecting the mechanisms

OK, I didn’t remember that the original cylons had skirts.

Wait, are those skirts or . . . hotpants? Am I watching The Apple? So confused.

Clean your mind by checking out more cool cylon photos at Mojo’s blog.

Anatomy of a Cylon [Darth Mojo]