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martedì, giugno 9th, 2009

"world’s largest robot competition," in SF June 12-14

da Boing Boing di Xeni Jardin

The annual DIY robotics event is just a week away. Anyone can participate — and that means you.

This years attendees come from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada,
Colombia, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Mexico,
Peru, Russia, South Korea, UK, and the United States. Can the UK’s
5-time gold medalist "Ziggy" retain it’s lead for an amazing 6th year?
Will Brazil finally sweep the combat classes? Can Team USA regain the
top spot in humanoid soccer, having lost a heartbreaking defeat to

The event will host over 70 different
competitions, including 18 different events just for walking humanoids.
Large scale combat robots will fight to the death behind bulletproof
glass, thrilling the crowd with crashing, smashing, flame-throwing, and
miscellaneous wanton destruction. The combat robots, weighing as much
as 340 pounds, are what draws most people to the event, but many stay
for the AI based sumo robots, soccer bots, and kinetic art that fills
out the venue.

But that’s not all – other events include kung-fu humanoids, hockey
bots, fire fighting competitions, autonomous explorer bots (like the
Mars Rovers!), art bots, bartending robots, and mechanical marvels that
defy description! The newest event is "Mech Warfare." Humanoid robots
with bb cannons and rockets with try to take each other down, while the
pilots control them remotely via in-robot cameras, with no look at the
field from above.

Friday-Sunday, June 12-14, 2009, Fort Mason, San Francisco. Kids under
7 get in free, tickets for everyone else range from $15-20 per day.
I’ve witnessed their events before, and the Robogames folks always put
on an amazing show. Well worth the modest ticket price. (Image courtesy Robogames)


LEGO’s 50th anniversary

martedì, gennaio 29th, 2008

Posted by David Pescovitz, January 28, 2008 9:55 AM



Yesterday was LEGO’s 50th birthday, or rather the anniversary of the patent
approval for the original brick. Joel Johnson has more at Boing Boing
Gadgets, including a timeline of LEGO technology advances. From

The LEGO history began in 1932 in Denmark, when Ole Kirk Christansen
founded a small factory for wooden toys in the unknown town of Billund
in the south of the country. To find a name for his company he
organized a competition among his employees. As fate would have it
however, he himself came up with the best name: LEGO – a fusion of the
Danish words “LEg” and “GOdt” (“play well”).

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