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Mac Plus emulator running Mac OS System 7

martedì, marzo 7th, 2017



if Bond was StarWars…

martedì, maggio 10th, 2016

007 StarWars from SimoneGallina™ on Vimeo.

MIT’s Nexi bot wants to be your friend

venerdì, aprile 4th, 2008

da Engadget di Paul Miller

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MIT is
really taking its robotics program to a whole new level with its "MDS"
platform, which stands for Mobile, Dexterous and Social. The flagship
bot so far is Nexi, who certainly fits the bill, albeit with an extra
dab of creepy. The bot stands on a Segway-esque wheel base, has
articulated arms and hands, and can convey a wide range of emotion with
that pasty white face. Nexi has a computer on board to manage sensors
and instinctual responses, while it offloads the heavy duty AI work to
a stationary computer over the network. MIT’s eventual goal is to have
Nexi and others participate in Socially Situated Robot Learning —
observing and interacting with humans to figure out how best to
integrate with them. Don’t worry Nexi, we like you for you. Video is after the break.

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ASCI wars

lunedì, marzo 31st, 2008
Friday Fun

Watch Star Wars in Text via Telnet

While it’s not technically an Easter egg, one of the most eye-popping tips in last Sunday’s Top 10 Easter eggs post
comments was a pointer to a telnet server that broadcasts Star Wars
Episode IV to your command line as animated text. You didn’t read that
wrong. Give it a try: from any command line, type telnet
and sit back to watch the show. This is the least productive thing
you’ll do all day, but you know what they say about all work and no
play. After the jump, see a handful of screenshots—just 4 of the 13,935
frames that make up the entire movie. More »

Tra quattro anni saprà parlare

giovedì, marzo 20th, 2008

Pubblicato da Gianluca Riccio alle 11:55 in Prototipi, Ricerche, Robotica

Università nel Devon sta conducendo un esperimento per verificare se un
‘baby-robot’ (si chiama iCub, ‘iCucciolo’, è alto 1 metro) è in grado
di apprendere da solo a parlare.

Nei prossimi 4 anni gli
esperti di robotica lavoreranno spalla a spalla con gli specialisti del
linguaggio per sviluppare un ‘metodo’ parallelo di apprendimento,
prendendo spunto dal meccanismo con il quale i bambini imparano a
parlare dai genitori: le loro scoperte potrebbero portare allo sviluppo
di robot umanoidi che imparano, parlano, ‘pensano’.

Intelligenza Artificiale

iCub, sarà anche ‘addestrato’ a
chiamare gli oggetti per nome, e ad elaborare frasi via via più
complesse, del tipo ‘Robot mette cilindro nel triangolo", eccetera.

Un Consorzio guidato dall’Università di Plymouth, leader
mondiale nella ricerca cognitiva per i robots, partecipa con altri 31
istituti alla competizione per vincere un fondo di 7 milioni di Euro da
parte del progetto Italk (Integration and Transfer of Action and Language Knowledge in Robots).

Restiamo in attesa di vedere cosa avrà imparato questo cucciolo una volta finito " l’asilo ". 

University project wants to teach baby robot to talk

venerdì, febbraio 29th, 2008

If it’s Friday, it must be baby robot day. Or something.

The University of Plymouth is preparing to embark on a four-year
project to teach a 3 foot humanoid baby robot, the iCub, to talk.
Robotics experts and language development specialists will work
together on the unique research which will include tasks similar to
ordinary toddler games like stacking wooden blocks and fitting shapes
through corresponding holes in a box.

The iCub will arrive in Devon next year and the hope is that it will
be able to name objects and learn simple phrases such as "robot puts
stick on cube." The university beat 31 other entrants to receive £4.7m
in funding for the project. Anyone else slightly put in

g for the project. Anyone else slightly put in mind of the
projects teaching primates sign language? How long before Michael
Crichton writes a book about this?

[via BBC News]

dia del orgullo friki

mercoledì, febbraio 6th, 2008

Artistic monuments of Yugoslavia

lunedì, dicembre 31st, 2007

Posted by Mark Frauenfelder, December 28, 2007 10:29 AM



Jan Kempenaers took these spectacular images of monuments erected in communist Yugoslavia.


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TEXtCOCO weblog NOW!

mercoledì, marzo 22nd, 2006