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mercoledì, novembre 15th, 2017

Copia di shit1


Fluorescent Shit™

giovedì, agosto 3rd, 2017

fluorescent shit

Fluorescent Shit™

vibrant trooper

domenica, luglio 17th, 2016

the art I made for the Star Wars’ ART AWAKENS 2015 initiative promoted by LucasFilm and HP


if Bond was StarWars…

martedì, maggio 10th, 2016

007 StarWars from SimoneGallina™ on Vimeo.


domenica, febbraio 7th, 2016

get a pair of iWalk shoewear by VISUALITY, only on Zazzle store

iWALK™ shoes
iWALK™ shoes
by SimoneGallina

my new eBooks

martedì, dicembre 8th, 2015


solo su

Amazon Kindle

gli anni ’80…

lunedì, luglio 20th, 2015


VISUALITY store on Zazzle

mercoledì, maggio 21st, 2014

VISUALITY store on Zazzle

re-opening with a new brand introducing DQ &C.


Brian Despain’s new show of robot paintings

domenica, novembre 15th, 2009
da Boing Boing di David Pescovitz

A 45 persone è piaciuto questo elementotue altri 44

Condivisi da tu

BB’s favorite robot painter, er rather… painter of robots
Brian Despain has a show of new paintings opening tonight, November 13,
at Seattle’s Roq La Rue Gallery. Above, "The Prodigal Son" (oil on
panel, 15" x 19").Also showing is John Brophy, whose paintings mixes up
iconography from various cultures and religions in a bowl of consumer
culture. The full show is viewable online. Brian Despain and John Brophy


martedì, giugno 9th, 2009

Gundam turns 30, celebrates with the most awesome statue ever

da Engadget di Tim Stevens

Statue of Liberty? Striking, but a bit demure. Trenchcoat-clad Stalin
statue in Gori, Georgia? Iconic, but disheartening. Giant RX-78-2
Gundam statue at Shiokaze Park in Tokyo, Japan? Unquestionably badass.
The massive biped is currently under construction, part of a
celebration for the 30 year anniversary of the original Mobile Suit
Gundam series. When completed it will be full-scale, standing 59-feet
tall, weighing 35 tons, and even shooting "light or mist" from 50
different points along its structure. All systems should be fully
operational by July 11 — hopefully soon enough to stop the forthcoming
Zeon armada.