Mahru-Z Mahru-M

lunedì, gennaio 18th, 2010

Robots Who Feed You

haven’t had breakfast yet, so these breakfast robots from Korea are
looking all the more attractive. KIST has developed two ‘bots which can
operate a microwave, serving tea with toast and carrying it to the
hungry person.

In the video below, Mahru-Z (the boy robot with two legs, who took
two years to create) carries a cup of something hot from the microwave,
which he opens, picks the toast up from the toaster, and places them
both in a basket. That’s when his ladyfriend Mahru-M comes in, who’s
equipped with a nice round wheely bottom. She picks up the basket, and
serves it to the human member of their breakfast party.

KIST is hoping to develop Mahru-Z and Mahru-M to the point where
they can aid families in household tasks, including washing the dishes
and preparing food. Just make them a little faster so the toast is
actually still warm when it reaches me, and I’m sold. [MT News via PlasticPals]

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