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Living With Robots

sabato, gennaio 23rd, 2010

Asimo  VIDEO

By Joseph L. Flatley
posted Jan 22nd 2010 2:06PM

When we saw Asimo do his
Fred Astaire act
a while back we knew he had star quality — and
now it looks like the feisty robot is finally getting his big break. Living
With Robots
, which just premiered at Sundance Film Festival, was
directed by Joe Berlinger (who directed Metallica’s Some Kind of
) and tells the story of a humanoid robot that gets stranded
at home while his family flies overseas for Christmas. Instead of
calling the police, he stays home — alone — and bravely
fights off Joe Pesci and some other guy whose name we can’t remember.
[Editor’s note: This is patently untrue. Actually, the film promises to
investigate "humankind’s keen interest in robots and how robots can
challenge the impossible by saving lives while also holding the promise
to become more integrated and helpful in daily life." So there.]
Interested? We bet you are! Check out the PR, and the eight minute commercial
short film, after the break.



giovedì, gennaio 21st, 2010

robot goes climbing on its own

da Engadget di Darren Murph

It’s a well documented fact that the Robot Apocalypse
is only a matter of weeks, moments or scores away, but today we’re
facing the grim reality that it may already be underway in certain
sections of Germany. Thanks to a tie-up between whiz kids at the
Technical University of Dortmund and University of Manitoba, the
so-called Bioloid you see above can actually scale walls on its own. As
in, autonomously. The robot doesn’t rely on a predefined motion
sequence; instead, it looks up and figures out the most efficient way
to get from the bottom to the top based on the X / Y positions of the
grips. Future versions of the critter will utilize a full-on vision
system, but hopefully we’ll have outposts established on Mars by then
in order to maintain some semblance of freedom. Peep the horror show
after the break (if you must).

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win a free robot

giovedì, gennaio 21st, 2010

Have a cool idea?

da Boing Boing di Mark Frauenfelder

Willow Garage is giving away up to ten of its new PR2
mobile-manipulation robots to research institutions that send in
proposals "describing the open source and scientific contributions that
they can make with a PR2."

For the past couple of years, our researchers,
developers and interns have used prototypes of the PR2 to build
exciting new capabilities for robotics. The PR2 program kickstarted
development of ROS, an open source robotics platform. It also helped
drive new capabilities in the OpenCV computer vision library. One year
ago, we accomplished our first Milestone: autonomous navigation with
the PR2 robot for 2π kilometers. Six months ago, we accomplished our
second Milestone: opening doors, plugging in, and 26.2 miles of
autonomous navigation. We are now completing our third Milestone, which
solidifies the ROS and OpenCV software platforms that form the basis of
the PR2 software system.

It looks like a friendly fellow, but stay clear of that beak.

PR2 Beta Program: The Call for Proposals is Out!

Mahru-Z Mahru-M

lunedì, gennaio 18th, 2010

Robots Who Feed You

haven’t had breakfast yet, so these breakfast robots from Korea are
looking all the more attractive. KIST has developed two ‘bots which can
operate a microwave, serving tea with toast and carrying it to the
hungry person.

In the video below, Mahru-Z (the boy robot with two legs, who took
two years to create) carries a cup of something hot from the microwave,
which he opens, picks the toast up from the toaster, and places them
both in a basket. That’s when his ladyfriend Mahru-M comes in, who’s
equipped with a nice round wheely bottom. She picks up the basket, and
serves it to the human member of their breakfast party.

KIST is hoping to develop Mahru-Z and Mahru-M to the point where
they can aid families in household tasks, including washing the dishes
and preparing food. Just make them a little faster so the toast is
actually still warm when it reaches me, and I’m sold. [MT News via PlasticPals]

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John Nolan’s animatronics

venerdì, gennaio 15th, 2010
da Boing Boing di Cory Doctorow


Roboticist film-maker John Nolan’s gallery of animatronic creations is
a treasure-trove of wonderful, grotesque creations in states of partial
undress. gallery of photos

(via JWZ)

Manoi Go

mercoledì, gennaio 13th, 2010
break-dancing robot

By Vladislav Savov posted Jan 12th 2010 9:48PM

We’ve got no idea how this nugget of glorious mechanized boogie snuck
past us — we’ll blame it on the horror we experienced while watching Doka Harumi’s robot dance routine.
Another entrant in that same Japanese robo-dance contest, this
red-blazered drone brings the pain, the funk, and all necessary
accessories to rock your world. We’re not kidding — if you don’t like
this, you don’t like technology. Skip past the break for not one, but
two doses of that mind-altering video action.

Discussione su YouTube – Sea Shepherd’s Ady Gil attacked by Japanese Whaling Vessel

mercoledì, gennaio 6th, 2010


lunedì, gennaio 4th, 2010
da Engadget di Donald Melanson
Our enthusiasm for this particular walking robot
is unfortunately a bit dampened by a lack of video, or any evidence of
actual walking, but both of those are promised to be forthcoming, and
the bot still has enough going for it to distinguish itself in the
meantime. Proudly made in the USA by Futurebots, this so-called ATOM-7x
robot is actually powered by not one but two Atom processors (a
dual-core Atom 330 and an Atom 230), which themselves power two
separate systems running Windows XP and Windows 7. Those, paired with
slew of sensors, gyros and accelerometers, promises to give the bot a
whole range of humanoid capabilities, including an advanced stereo
vision system that its creators say will let it "take on real world
problems." Complete details are otherwise still a bit light, but the
bot can apparently operate autonomously in addition to being used as a
telepresence robot, and it unsurprisingly wasn’t cheap or easy to build
("2 mortgages and lots of sweat"). We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for
any sightings of this one in action.

ATOM-7xp humanoid robot is indeed Atom-powered, Windows-based originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 04 Jan 2010 08:22:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.