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Mark Ho’s art robot sculpture

sabato, dicembre 12th, 2009

Articulated metal figure in bronze and steel

here is the beautiful human figure titled "Artform No. 1" by artist
Mark Ho. The initial model — bronze and stainless steel, like the one
shown here — was 6 years in the making!

The figure is fully
articulated, stands 17 inches high, weighs in at 16 lbs, and is made up
of over 500 parts. This is a limited edition run of 25. Each Artform
No. 1 figure comes with a clever magnetic base which can be activated
and de-activated, allowing you to pose and "freeze" the sculpture into
any shape the human form is capable of.

See more animations and photographs of this amazing metal figure at ZOHO ARTFORMS web site.


LifeHand thought-controlled

venerdì, dicembre 4th, 2009

EU scientists develop  prosthesis

from Engadget by Joseph L. Flatley

We’ve seen plenty of developments in neurology and robotics over the years, including the Smart Hand prosthesis and targeted muscle reinnervation,
and now researchers at the Bio-Medical Campus University of Rome have
announced LifeHand. Connected via electrodes to an amputee named
Pierpaolo Petruzziello, the device is able to perform complex movements
and is controlled by thought alone. "It’s a matter of mind, of
concentration," said Petruzziello. "When you think of it as your hand
and forearm, it all becomes easier." The five year project, funded to
the tune of about $3 million by the European Union, is just the
beginning — they still have to figure out how to make the implants
permanent. Get a closer look below.