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lunedì, novembre 30th, 2009

Kuroda granted a cybernetic upgrade

By Ross Miller posted Nov 30th 2009 2:02AM

Looking for a techno spin on the traditional, the Samurai of Kuroda
have become assimilated into robot territory. They dance, they drink,
they wield a great spear and use it to skewer flesh when you’re not
looking — probably. Look for the creations at IREX 2009 and then after
at RoboSquare in Kyushu. If you can’t make it out, or want a preview,
take a peep for yourself after the break.



saber bots

mercoledì, novembre 25th, 2009

Teaching Robots to Use Lightsabers

da Gizmodo di Danny Allen

The International Robot Exhibition
2009 is underway in Tokyo, and Yaskawa is again showcasing its Motoman
robots. We’ve seen how dexterous previous models were in robo chef demonstrations, but it seems they’ve now got a taste for the Force.

The choreographed moves are more cute than intimidating, but seriously, maybe we’ll see lightsaber droids one day after all. [NetworkWorld YouTube Channel]


mercoledì, novembre 25th, 2009
da Gizmodo di Mark Wilson

Vietnamese robot TOSY is a master of ping pong. He also has an ab regimen that effectively distracts from his receding hairline. [Pink Tentacle]


mercoledì, novembre 25th, 2009

Alien Fembot Killer

da Gizmodo di Jesus Diaz

to hell with everything. I’m not going to stick around watching how the
world is liverwursted by a race of chromed alien fembots. I’m fcking
off to an island near Brazil. Enjoy Armageddon! I’ll be sipping

to manufacturer NT Research, their RAMeX bots are just humanoids with
tele-operated arms and hands. Whatever, dudes. Wasn’t the Obamaraman watching over all these potential killers? [NT Research via PInk Tentacle]


giovedì, novembre 19th, 2009

Kawada  humanoid robot just wants to help out (video)

da Engadget di Vladislav Savov

In a world where the Headtime scalp massager not only exists but presumably even sells, is it any wonder that assistant robots
like this here fella are cropping up? While keeping the design somewhat
generic in order to be able to adapt the bot to the particular
circumstances where it is employed, the designers at Kawada Industries
are keen to promote the NEXTAGE as a step toward humans and machines
co-existing and working together in harmony. Sounds peachy, doesn’t it?
Of course, some meatsack will have to be made redundant to make way for
the machines, but humans were always going to be sacrificed for the
greater robotic good. That was the plan all along. See the video demo
after the break.

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el dia de los muertos

domenica, novembre 15th, 2009

Mexican Day of the Dead antique prints

da Boing Boing di David Pescovitz

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Condivisi da tu

The British Museum
is hosting two exhibitions of Mexican artwork and culture – "Moctezuma:
Aztec Ruler" and "Revolution on paper: Mexican prints 1910-1960" – and
displaying Day of the Dead papier mâché figures and an altar, created
by Mexican artist Adriana Amaya and children. Tied to these major
exhibits and Dia de los Muertos, Redstone Press has issued a neat box set of oversized postcards, titled Calaveras: Mexican Prints for the Day of the Dead.

The set contains 22 postcards by Mexican printmakers Manuel Manilla
(1830-1895) and J. G. Posada (1852-1913). The Redstone Press site posted a sample of these great prints, as did the Daily Telegraph. (Thanks, Mike Love!)


domenica, novembre 15th, 2009

Roborover gets friendly with your furniture

da Engadget di Richard Lai

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See that glowing face? Yep, it’s the super-enthusiastic Roborover from WowWee. We won’t lie: we were a bit stoked by the arrival of this yellow explorer at Engadget’s
doorstep. Too bad it didn’t exactly walk all the way from its
warehouse, forcing us to go through the painful procedure of cutting up
the tapes and untangling the ties of its shipping box. Five minutes
later we’ve got a 4-pound robot on our hands, and we’d say overall the
build quality is an eight out of ten (the cuts on the plastic parts
could do with a finer finish) which is pretty good for a toy. You’ll be
pleased to know that those treads are for real and supported by a third
mini roller at the back, but the friendly manual does say, "For indoor
use only." Think we’ll skip that page, thank you. Now kids, you might
need your daddy’s screwdrivers and some extra cash to feed the
Roborover three "C" size batteries, and another three "AAAs" for the
chunky IR remote. All ready to go? Skip along to learn how the
Roborover explores the "ancient tombs of your parents’ closet."

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domenica, novembre 15th, 2009

Robot dances, sings, scares the bejeezus out of us (video)

da Engadget di Joseph L. Flatley

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This plays out like the opening scene of an 80s sci-fi film: Eight foot tall robot appears in a shopping mall, sings "What a Wonderful World" and "My Way," dances around a bit to a chorus of oohs and aahs
from the audience, launches into a series of silly demo movements, and
then… Well, we won’t spoil it for you. Let’s just say that at eight
feet tall (and with tons of menace) we have to wonder if Titan the
Robot could be stopped should some sort of cinematic "glitch" should
cause him to "freak out" amongst the onlookers at Dubai’s GITEX 2009.
Like most man-made disasters, this one starts innocently enough: with a
show-stopping rendition of a Paul Anka tune. Curious? Peep it after the
break. Just make sure you don’t get close.

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robo hand

domenica, novembre 15th, 2009

Prosthetic, robotic ‘Smart Hand’ has feelings, too

da Engadget di Laura June

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Researchers in Italy and Sweden have spent the last ten years developing what they call the "Smart Hand," a prosthetic hand
which enables feeling in its fingertips. The hand — which was recently
wired up to a test patient through a surgical procedure — has four
motors and forty sensors which are linked directly to the brain.
In the surgery, the nerve endings of the patient were linked up to
receptors in the hand, which allows for feeling in the fingertips of
the hand, even though the hand is not really a part of his body. In the
video after the break, you can see the greater precision and dexterity
this hand allows for. Though the research still needs to be refined
before practical use, it looks pretty far along — and pretty awesome
— to us.

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robot girl AI

domenica, novembre 15th, 2009

Creepy robot

da Super Punch di (John)


This is Miimu, a singing robot by AIST. Via.

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