HAL robotic suit

martedì, aprile 14th, 2009

Cyberdyne said to be mass producing $4,200 HAL robotic suit

da Engadget di Darren Murph

Years after the HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) suit first debuted, it seems that Cyberdyne’s pride and joy is about to get really real. According to a report over at HPlus Magazine, the company is linking up with Daiwa House in order to "begin mass production" of the cybernetic bodysuit.
You already know what it does — inflates the ego, boosts your strength
and scores you loads of nerd dates — but here’s the crucial part:
$4,200. Of course, there’s no hard date on when the first of the 400
annual units produced will be made available, but we’d probably get up
with someone about a pre-order if you’re serious about going bionic.

[Thanks, Phil]



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