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Roboware E3

lunedì, dicembre 29th, 2008

family robot spotted in action-packed video

da Engadget di Laura June

Roboware’s family-centric, open-source E3 robot has
been rolling around for a good while now, but this video of him in
action is probably of interest to our humanoid readers. Called E3
because of his customizable emotional, entertainment and educational
functions, Roboware’s bot is meant to be a valued member of the family
— albeit one with WiFi, IR rangers, an LCD in its chest, a web-cam in
its head, and a microSD slot on its back. The little character has 17
joints and three multi-directional wheels, making him quite mobile,
expressive, and rather reminiscent of WowWee’s Mr. Personality. Check the video for the full demo, including his recital of T.S. Eliot’s "The Wasteland" in its entirety near the end.

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mercoledì, dicembre 3rd, 2008

Motoman SDA10 robot shows off its cooking, camera-building skills

da Engadget di Donald Melanson

Yaskawa Electric’s Motoman SDA10 robot has been out and about for a little while now (along with its not-so-distant relatives),
but it’s apparently not just getting by on its good looks alone, and it
recently took advantage of Osaka’s International Next-Generation Robot
Fair to show off its newly developed cooking skills. While there
unfortunately doesn’t seem to be any video available, the word is it
was able to take an order from a customer using its voice recognition
capabilities and whip up some okonomiyaki (a pancake, of sorts) from
scratch, with it even going so far as to serve it to the customer and
top it off with some condiments. As if one human-replacing activity
wasn’t enough, the bot also recently made an appearance on a Japanese
TV show where it assembled a camera and, thankfully, there is a video
of that — check it out after the break.

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