Robot “responds” to human attention

giovedì, agosto 21st, 2008

da Boing Boing di Mark Frauenfelder

Heart Robot is a puppet designed to "respond" positively to being stroked and hugged, and to flinch if it’s shaken or hit.

Heart Robot has a beating heart, a breathing belly, and
sensors that respond to movement, noise and touch. Cuddle him, and he
seems to soak up the affection. His limbs become limp, his eyelids
lower, his breathing relaxes, and his heart beat slows down.

But if he is given a violent shake, or shouted at, he gets
upset. He flinches, his hands clench, his breathing and heart rate
speed up, and his eyes widen.

Heart Robot, created by
scientists at the University of the West of England in Bristol, was
designed to explore how humans react to a machine that appears to show

Heart Robot (Telegraph UK) (via Arbroath)



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