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giovedì, agosto 21st, 2008

WowWee’s Tri-Bot gets an early review

da Engadget di Donald Melanson

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We got a chance to spend a bit of time with WowWee’s Tri-Bot
way back at CES earlier this year, but the folks at RobotsRule recently
got a chance to put the bot through all its paces in advance of its
summer release, and they’ve now churned out a fairly thorough review.
On the whole, they seem to have been mightily impressed by the bot, and
they think it’ll appeal just as much to more DIY-minded folks as it
will to kids, thanks in no small part to its unique wheel base and tilt
sensor-equipped remote control. On the downside, the bot’s sensors were
unable to detect anything on the floor below its chest, and it
apparently had a tendency to occasionally topple over while trying to
climb walls (the ten minutes of pre-recorded audio also seems like it
could get tiring real fast). If that hasn’t made up your mind, you can
check out the review in video form after the break.

[Via Slash Gear]

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giovedì, agosto 21st, 2008

Sega’s E.M.A. robot walks like a lady, offers up smooches

da Engadget di Joshua Fruhlinger

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There’s something that makes us a bit uncomfortable about a robot
that sports a "glamorous body," walks like a lady, and offers up some
serious snogging. Today, Sega announced the E.M.A. (Eternal, Maiden,
Actualization) robot that sings, dances, and — yes — kisses. If you
get close enough to E.M.A., she drops into love mode and, well, the
rest is up to you, big guy. Set up with infrared sensors to avoid
obstacles (and, seemingly, sense your desire for some love nubbins) and
movable elbows, shoulders, waist, and knees, E.M.A. will run around
$175 and hit store shelves on September 26.

Update: Oh you evil, evil temptress. You’re nothing more than WowWee’s Femisapien in a new summer smock.

[Via CrunchGear]

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giovedì, agosto 21st, 2008

KumoTek rolls out KT-X humanoid robot kits

da Engadget di Donald Melanson

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Vstone’s various humanoid robots have already made their presence known
in Japan, and it looks like they’re now finally making their way over
here with a little help from the folks at Texas-based KumoTek. They’ve
just announced their new line of KT-X series bots (seemingly identical
to Vstone’s Robovie-X),
including the 13-motor KT-X Lite, the 17-motor KT-X, and the 20-motor
KT-X Gladiator, all of which are apparently aimed at the educational
market and range in price from $990 to $1,490. Like its Vstone
counterpart, the KT-X measures about 13 inches tall, and is able to be
controlled with a standard PS2 wireless controller, although it
apparently comes with the added educational benefit of KumoTek’s Robot
P.E.T.S. (Robots Promoting Education Through Science) educational system, which the company hopes will help set students off into a career in robotics or mechanical engineering.


giovedì, agosto 21st, 2008

Pal Technology’s REEM-B humanoid shown off in Abu Dhabi

da Engadget di Darren Murph

We heard that Pal Technology’s REEM-B
would be "fully revealed in Q1 2008," and while things seem to be
running ever-so-slightly behind, we can’t gripe too much. The creature
was recently shown off in Abu Dhabi, where onlookers swooned and
secretly crushed on the totally macho being. Its creators have also
announced that the 1.47-meter tall robot was the last prototype to be
formed, as it has plans for a commercial venture "in the near future."
The overriding goal for REEM-B is to have it act as a service bot for
the elderly and disabled, and considering that it has no qualms
reacting to voice commands and "engaging in simple conversations," we’d
say it’s pretty well suited to do just that. Check out the video after
the break to see it in action.

[Thanks, Saad]

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giovedì, agosto 21st, 2008

Video: Meet Hasbro’s Ampbot, the mother of all Rollys

da Engadget di Thomas Ricker

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Cross a Segway with a Rolly and Miuro and out pops this A.M.P. soaked in a grey-goo
afterbirth of Robotic procreation. The two-wheeled, dancing A.M.P.
(Automated Music Personality or Ampbot) from Sega-Hasbro stands
2.4-feet tall and features a MP3 or iPod cradle on its back, stereo
speakers, and the ability to follow and interact with its owner.
There’s a 5-inch mid-range speaker in the chest and a pair of smaller
tweeters in the shoulders for a total output of 12 watts. Osamu
Takeuchi of Sega Toys says, "The owner can also enjoy being chased
around the house by the robot." Uh, yippee? The Ampbot and controller
require 6x D and 3x AAA batteries for about 10-hours of continuous
music. The stalking begins November for $745 $500 in the US and Japan.

Update: Embedded video courtesy of Impress now available after the break. Be warned: the price tag is starting to look modest even at the cost of our own destruction.

[Via Physorg and Impress]

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death bot

giovedì, agosto 21st, 2008

I robot del ‘caro estinto’ ci tramanderà le sue esperienze

Giappone è davvero intenzionato a produrre robots per coprire
virtualmente qualsiasi esigenza del mercato: perfino quello ‘postumo’.

In un qualche macabro modo cibernetico, il
concept di Robot denominato ‘Oboe’ dal suo designer Arnaud Deloustal
(vorrei sapere perchè, ma ci penserò e/o mi documenterò), conterrà
tutta la conoscenza o le esperienze registrate da una persona in vita,
e le esprimerà: un pò come ‘trasmettere’ alle nuove generazioni il
proprio vissuto.

Il robot di un ‘proavo del futuro’ potrebbe stazionare in salotto e raccontare aneddoti vecchi di secoli ai suoi pronipoti, con la viva voce di chi li ha vissuti.

Chissà, magari tra 1000 non sarà sorprendente
vedere la Terra popolata da tanti ‘cari estinti’ in forma robotica che
in qualche modo continuano a vivere nelle case della gente.

Magari saranno evoluti al punto da ‘ricordare’ di quando sono stati umani? Tutto questo fa molto Philip Dick.

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NAO humanoid robots

giovedì, agosto 21st, 2008

gets a price tag, exhaustive overview

da Engadget di Donald Melanson

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We’ve been keeping an eye on Aldebaran’s NAO robot since before it even took its first steps,
and it now looks like the little guy is finally set to try to make it
on its own in the wild world of the commercial market. That word comes
courtesy of an exhaustive white paper posted by Aldebaran on the arXiv
website, which also includes the helpful little detail that the bot
will cost interested laboratories about €10,000 (or roughly $15,600).
Unfortunately, there’s no indication as to exactly when the bot will be
available, but those in the market for one can at least tide themselves
a bit over by pouring over the details available in the PDF at the link

[Via Slashdot]

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Robo-Garage recreates Murasaki Shikibu in robot form

giovedì, agosto 21st, 2008

da Engadget di Darren Murph

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Murasaki Shikibu, famously known for penning The Tale of Genji,
practically has goddess status in Japan. For those who scoff at such a
statement, just take a look at the robot above. The MURASAKI stands in
at 31-centimeters tall and weighs 1.5-kilograms (3.3-pounds), and while
the design is subtle, this gal still demands respect. Reportedly, the
bot is powered by NiMH batteries, waltzes about on two wheels and
sports an 8-axis system for moving her neck and arms. We’re hearing
conflicting reports about it actually being on sale or simply being a
prototype, but we’re sure the misdirection is all part of the allure
that makes her so irresistible.

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giovedì, agosto 21st, 2008

Heart Robot loves to be hugged, express emotions

da Engadget di Darren Murph

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your afternoon dose of cuteness, ready or not. David McGoran’s Heart
Robot has made its way into London’s Science Museum, and for good
reason. This intelligent robot not only possesses a face with moving
eyes and an external heart that blinks depending on what’s happening,
but it actually encourages people to hug and cuddle it like a real
human. Seen as being "among the first robots to signify a new era of emotional machines
used for medical treatment and enjoyment," this creature could one day
become a mainstay in nursing homes where the elderly could interact
with it and hopefully benefit in some metaphysical manner. Check out
the read link for a video oozing with adorableness.

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WowWee’s Femisapien

giovedì, agosto 21st, 2008

da Engadget di Joshua Topolsky

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If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not you want to spring for a WowWee Femisapien,
perhaps a thorough, multi-page review would help. If you truck on over
to robotsrule, you’ll find an ultra-in-depth look at the female
automaton, with explorations into the bot’s interface, modes and
behaviors, and a variety of other Femisapien idiosyncrasies. The
conclusion? We’d have to say the reviewer is pretty much in full
gush-mode over the new toy, calling it a "blockbuster hit" that’s
"destined to take over the world." We assume by "take over the world"
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