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Flame: world’s most advanced walking robot

venerdì, maggio 23rd, 2008
da Engadget di Joshua Fruhlinger

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Walking robots never cease to amaze, but "Flame" from TU Delft PhD student Daan Hobbelen is what we like to call a mega breakthrough. By mimicking the way that humans actually fall forward when walking, this robot comes insanely close to the real thing. Usually, walking robots are energy-hungry propositions,
but this is the first that’s both efficient and stable. Inside Flame
are seven motors and a balance "organ" loaded with stability
algorithms. By measuring each step, the robot adjusts stance width,
speed, and gait on the go. In the end, kids, we’re looking at the
world’s most advanced and efficient walking robot. If you want to see
this thing in action, head on over the read link where you can download
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Luchadores… In Space!

mercoledì, maggio 21st, 2008

the cover illustration for the story "D-3 Base De Monstruos" by Spanish
artist Jose Luis Sampedro Macias, who drew dozens of covers for the
pulp magazine Luchadores del Espacio, plus tons of pulp paperbacks, in the 1950s. Despite (or maybe because of) being unable to see the work of American artists
of the time, Jose Luis brings his own bright style to the pulp-art
standbys of bug-eyed monsters, women and flying saucers. His work
features prominently an amazing gallery of 1950s Spanish pulp science
fiction covers, uploaded by El Estratografico. A few more of our
favorites, after the jump.

See the rest of the covers in El Estratografico’s Flickr gallery. [1950s Spanish Scifi Novels on Flickr, via EasyDreamer]


venerdì, maggio 16th, 2008

Hot Cylon Action in Never-Before-Seen Photos from BSG Set

Mojo, who does effects work on bots vs. human show Battlestar Galactica,
has just posted a gorgeous set of photographs that designers used to
create the look of the all-metal Centurion cylons for the new show.
Here you can see a cool "smackdown" picture of an old-school cylon
(featured in Razor flashbacks) going head-to-head with a
new-school one. What’s interesting to me, looking at these real-life
models for creatures who are pure CGI in the show, is how much they’re
intended resemble Roman soldiers. They even have butt-covering chain

Designed by Pierre Drolet, this cylon model looks pretty badass. (Omigod I am so funny with the ass joke.)

Mojo explains:

From the back, we see that the large power cell/backpack
has been faithfully reproduced. Perhaps the biggest surprise was,
against all odds (and the office betting pool), Pierre actually managed
to keep a hint of the original skirt! Now, instead of it being an
actual, fabric skirt designed to hide deficiencies in the costume, we
have a piece of flexible armor, further protecting the mechanisms

OK, I didn’t remember that the original cylons had skirts.

Wait, are those skirts or . . . hotpants? Am I watching The Apple? So confused.

Clean your mind by checking out more cool cylon photos at Mojo’s blog.

Anatomy of a Cylon [Darth Mojo]

EXO-Wing is world’s smallest jet — worn like a backpack

mercoledì, maggio 14th, 2008
da Engadget di Thomas Ricker

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Oh daddy, would you look at that. Forget jetpacks,
we’ve got a deep ache in our G-Jetson-loin for this, Atair Aerospace’s
EXO-Wing, the world’s smallest human-piloted jet. It’s on display right
now in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art as part of its Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy
collection. The only thing we know about the EXO-Wing is that the twin
micro-turbine-powered contraption is light enough to be worn as a
backpack. Hell, we don’t even know if it really works. Regardless,
we’ve got our weekend booked… up, up and away!

P.S. The
webbed creature below the EXO-Wing is sporting an Aerosuit for
skydivers and Aquaman wannabes with a thing for Tom Jones.

Read — Atair’s EXO-Wing
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Robert Rauschenberg, RIP

mercoledì, maggio 14th, 2008
Boing Boing di David Pescovitz

Robert Rauschenberg, a pioneer of multimedia art in the truest sense of the phrase, died last night. He was 82.

"It is impossible to have progress without conscience." -Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008).

Link to NYT obit, Link to Wikipedia entry (Thanks, Jeff Cross!)

ASIMO as Yo-Yo Ma

mercoledì, maggio 14th, 2008
da Engadget di Thomas Ricker

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Stand down oh gentle readers and defenders of the flesh, we’re getting
reports from Detroit that the baton wielding ASIMO did not direct the
human race to its doom. Instead, Yo-Yo Ma is safe and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra concert
went off without a hitch while netting the DSO a cool million for the
musical education of Gross Point’s children. Of course, the Honda-built
robot wasn’t so lucky as he got "keyed" on his walk back through the
parking lot. We kid, we kid.Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments

giant robot

venerdì, maggio 2nd, 2008

Giant Killer Robot Can Prevent Forest Fires

raging forest fires of the future will be fought, not by puny humans,
but by giant hulking robots like this one. (Note little human figurine
for scale.) This robot, designed by student Jordan Guelde in a senior
project, is willing to do what it takes to contain a fire — including
massacre a lot of trees. Want to see more pics of the model, plus some
computer images of the robot cutting a swathe through a roaring inferno?

The robot’s physical model has
600 parts and took six months to put together. It includes rotating
back shoulder brackets, so the back arms can rotate behind the robot’s
back when they’re not in use. It also has welded steel frames running
through its legs for extra support, and hubless motors in the feet. [Jordan Guelde, via [H] Enthusiast]