mercoledì, aprile 23rd, 2008

Honda to show off experimental "walking assist device"

da Engadget di Donald Melanson

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It’s far from the only strength-boosting exoskeleton
out there, but Honda’s so-called "walking assist device" is one of the
few that you can actually take for a test spin — if you happen to be
attending the Barrier Free 2008 trade show in Osaka, Japan next week,
that is. Apparently employing some of the same technology developed by
Honda for its ASIMO
robot, the walking assistant is able to obtain information from hip
angle sensors to help keep its wearer upright, with the device’s motors
also able to increase the wearer’s natural stride. That, Honda says,
should make the device ideal for the elderly or those with weakened leg
muscles, although we’re sure they could find at least a few other
buyers if it ever actually hits the market at a reasonable price.

[Via Autoblog]

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