UFO pics-Who did it?

mercoledì, aprile 2nd, 2008

CGI Artist Did Not Create UFO Pics — Who Did?

On Friday, I posted about a series of mysterious UFO pictures that have been circulating on the internet,
suggesting they were part of a viral marketing campaign. Many
commenters said the UFOs were the work of one Kris Avery, a 3D graphic
artist who made a music video for Drone
filled with images of the spiny ships. So I wrote to Avery to get to
the bottom of the mystery, but his response only made the images more
mysterious. Apparently, he did do the music video but he did not create
the pictures of the UFOs. He based his video on images he’d seen online
in UFO enthusiast forums. He actually made the video to prove to
"believers" that the original images could have been faked with CGI.
And now he’s been accused of creating them as a viral marketing
campaign. Here’s his weird story. More »



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