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University project wants to teach baby robot to talk

venerdì, febbraio 29th, 2008

If it’s Friday, it must be baby robot day. Or something.

The University of Plymouth is preparing to embark on a four-year
project to teach a 3 foot humanoid baby robot, the iCub, to talk.
Robotics experts and language development specialists will work
together on the unique research which will include tasks similar to
ordinary toddler games like stacking wooden blocks and fitting shapes
through corresponding holes in a box.

The iCub will arrive in Devon next year and the hope is that it will
be able to name objects and learn simple phrases such as "robot puts
stick on cube." The university beat 31 other entrants to receive £4.7m
in funding for the project. Anyone else slightly put in

g for the project. Anyone else slightly put in mind of the
projects teaching primates sign language? How long before Michael
Crichton writes a book about this?

[via BBC News]


Antiquarian robot sculptures by Christopher Conte

martedì, febbraio 26th, 2008

Posted by Xeni Jardin, February 25, 2008 9:16 PM



The antiquarian robot sculptures of Christopher Conte, who also makes artificial limbs for amputees, are featured in this online gallery and interview at The Morning News. (thanks, Rosecrans)

The colección de Star Wars más grande de la Galaxia

lunedì, febbraio 25th, 2008

Foster tiene casi todas las figuras y modelos de Star Wars conocidas
por la Humanidad, los Hutts y los Bothans. Él y su novia comparten su
casa con un abrumador ejército de objetos de coleccionista de Star
Wars, desde los modelos originales de 1977 hasta batallones completos
de los últimos soldados de asalto, fuera y dentro de sus cajas, en
formación o haciendo la escena de una película. Y sí, habéis leído
bien: tiene novia. [Gizmodo USA]


lunedì, febbraio 25th, 2008

Hunka Hunka Burning Leia at Wondercon

Seen on the mezzanine, without any particular context whatsoever.
Someone, somewhere, is having an obscure pop-cultural fetish fulfilled
by this image at this very moment.

WPA-style space mural

venerdì, febbraio 22nd, 2008

Posted by Cory Doctorow, February 22, 2008 1:39 AM



Today in my ongoing series of photos from my travels over the years:
this WPA-style space mural outside the Spaceship Earth ride in Epcot.
It’s like a public artwork from an alternate universe in which space
remained sexy.

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Rubber monster mask collection on Flickr

martedì, febbraio 19th, 2008

Posted by Mark Frauenfelder, February 18, 2008 9:45 AM



In the vein of Coop’s obsessive Flickr photoset of his Japanese monster toy collection, here’s a gallery from a collector who has done a bang-up job of cataloging over 100 rubber monster masks. Coop says: "Fans of Famous Monsters will remember some of ‘em from those great ads in the back of the magazine."


Love Stinks

giovedì, febbraio 14th, 2008

Thumbplay offers anti-Valentine’s Valentones

has decided that there are far too many options for lovestruck
Valentine’s Day celebrants; what about those people out there – single
or coupled up – who think it’s all a load of nonsense and you shouldn’t
need a particular day to ask someone out / treat your loved ones well?

Now you can show your anti-V Day feeling loudly in the form of a…
ringtone. Okay, it’s not quite the proud, revolutionary stance you
might have expected, but think of all the people you can irritate on
the bus with You Give Love A Bad Name, Don’t Come Around Here No More,
Heart-Shaped Glasses or, my personal favourite, Caught Out There.
Nothing says February 14th like an enraged woman screaming about
hatred. Mmmm. I’m all warm inside.

Thumbplay Valentine and Anti-Valentine Collections

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French Artist Talks To Aliens Using Crazy Font

martedì, febbraio 12th, 2008

French artist Tania Mouraud likes to make giant black-and-white
installations that look like bar codes but are actually just letters
written in a crazy font she invented to communicate with aliens.
Apparently, aliens don’t like to see spaces in between words (or
letters, for that matter), but the more educated ones have learned
English. Here, Mouraud asks them: "How can you sleep?" A question any
decent host would ask their jet-lagged visitors. Click through for
another message to our extraterrestrial visitors. more »

dia del orgullo friki

mercoledì, febbraio 6th, 2008


mercoledì, febbraio 6th, 2008